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  • You don’t need to know how to spell it – just eat it. You don’t need to know how to spell it – just eat it. Chinched Bistro makes all of its unique Charcuterie items in-house by hand from scratch.
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  • Squid that’s well worth the quid Squid that’s well worth the quid Rather than serving the squid as rings, the tubes are opened lengthwise and then cut into stew sized pieces. They are then added to a mixture of sautéed chorizo sausage, mirepoix and tomatoes. Red wine is then added and the
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  • Rethink your Soup Bowl Rethink your Soup Bowl The roasted carrot bisque is prepared with puréed oven roasted carrots, onion and a touch of cream. The bisque is paired with an Asian inspired short rib ragout. The short ribs are braised, and then sautéed in orange and ginger
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  • Beautiful Hand Made Desserts Beautiful Hand Made Desserts Each of our unique desserts are made from scratch in house.  The closest you'll get to a taste of heaven.
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  • Confit-ed to Duck Confit-ed to Duck A leg of duck is slowly braised in duck fat until the skin is golden brown and served on a bed of homemade baked beans prepared with molasses, beer and bacon.
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Come for the food, stay for the ... food.

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Find out what all the buzz is about with these award-winning chefs and their fantastic team at Chinched Bistro

Small Plate Dining

We have restructured our bar menu offering our “small plate” dining lounge menu at a reasonable price which gives guests a chance to sample a variety of what the kitchen team at Chinched Bistro has to offer.

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Special events, gift certificates and T-shirts. We’ve always got something up our sleeves at chinched.


What they say ...

Thanks so much for the all the wonderful food last night.  Shaun’s creations just keep getting better and better.  The service was great as well.

Cathy & Betty

We thoroughly enjoyed every single sip and last morsel of our beautifully prepared and equally well-presented meal last night. You’re stars on those counts alone, but with that stellar, perfectly on-point service thrown in? Stunning. Loved it, will see you again, friends in tow.

Allison Osmond


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