"If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake, hired a band - for goodness sake!"

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Come for the Food - Stay for the Food

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Thing better than good food


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December, 19, 2014. 16:39 PM
The Blueberry Cardamom Martini

The experimentation is where the challenge lies. The blueberry is a pretty classic Newfoundland berry, but I wouldn’t say it has a long history in the cocktail world. When I think of blueberry and classic cocktails the only thing I can come up with is ‘Blueberry Tea’ which coincidentally doesn’t even contain any blueberries (it More ...

December, 6, 2014. 16:35 PM
The Strawberry Negroni

The Negroni is one of my all time favorite cocktails, the blend of Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and Gin produces an interesting bitter sweet cocktail. Many prefer to serve it in a tall frosted coupe, personally I prefer it in a rocks glass over ice; as the ice melts the drink transforms resulting in a cocktail that finishes much sweeter than it be More ...

December, 4, 2014. 17:26 PM
The Strawberry Cucumber Collins

Strawberry gin is an infusion I had heard of but never tried, then one day someone came out of the kitchen with a big bag of beautiful strawberries and you can probably figure out where my mind went. When I looked at a few recipes online, there was no mention of a need for heat for the infusion to work. Just let the sliced berries sit More ...

November, 25, 2014. 16:10 PM
The Raspberry Daiquiri

The Daiquiri is a cocktail that has a lot more history than you’d probably believe. It originated in Cuba around the time of the Spanish American War with its creation being attributed to Jennings Cox, an American Mining Engineer. The story goes that it was a highly popular local drink until an American Naval Officer brought the recipe back More ...

Word on the street


  • Soup

    Ok seriously!! Go to Chinched Bistro as soon as you can!! From the atmosphere, to the most flavorful food, and the service, you just can’t go wrong!!!

    Chad Peddle

  • Dessert

    We had an awesome time there last night celebrating our anniversary! The food was absolutely amazing and the desserts were to die for! Thanks so much!

    Kristen Higdon

  • Great Food

    Sooooo glad we came to Chinched Bistro!! We had a fantastic meal and experience. Thanks to the staff for top notch service! My wife has some food allergies and both the server and owner were very accomodating to address the issue. The meals were fantastic and and we have raved about it ever since! I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant and hope others soon go to experience a top rate meal and service. Well Done!

    Jeff Waterfield

  • Yummy

    Our experience at your restaurant last night (in the bar) sure has a long finish. (I'm still thinking of it today.) Food and service was so damn good that I just had to write today with one more Thank-you.