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I am very happy to start this entry by announcing our six “month-iversary” this week! It’s hard to believe we have been open for six months already. But as they say, “time flies when you’re having fun”. And we are certainly having a great time!
Although it feels like just yesterday when I posted a blog talking about how we made it thought our first month, with all the trials and tribulations of our opening; smoke alarms going off during dinner service, our computer system not working, not to mention the tremendous heat in the dining room and of course, training our staff.
I guess it wasn’t all bad… as I mentioned we are six months in and our staff has stuck by us the entire time. We are fortunate to have such a great team. And much to Shaun’s delight, he remains surrounded by women. Each member of our team has been a valuable addition and we are looking forward to building the Chinched Bistro family over the coming months.
But before the summer creeps up on us we have a few things planned for the spring, if we can get through the winter first… Shaun and I are really looking forward to the Savour Food & Wine Show which is hosted annually at the Delta St. John’s. You can check out the web site at
We’ve got a few other ideas brewing for the spring… maybe a wine dinner or fundraiser? I’ll be sure to update you all on the fun upcoming events as details begin to unfold. There is always something to keep us on our toes… and to keep our guests interested.
As for this week and our six “month-iversary”, we will have a few specials coming from the kitchen and the bar… I’ll keep you guessing, until next time!

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