Thanksgiving weekend has now come and gone, however we are not forgetting all of the things we are thankful for… the list is endless really!

We took yesterday off and went to Shaun’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, which was delicious, as always!  And we spent the rest of the day catching up on things in the restaurant that needed to be taken care of….  There are always lots of extra things to do and they seem to pile up after a while.  By the time tomorrow morning rolls around we should be all caught up… for a few more days at least…

One of our major “To Do`s” this week was to get all of our artwork organized, and put up on walls.  We are very fortunate to have some amazing artwork from family and friends, hanging on our walls at Chinched Bistro.

We have had Winston Osmond’s work on our walls since our opening.  Winston is a great friend of both mine and Shaun’s from Shoal Bay, Fogo Island.  Ironically when I chose some of Winston’s paintings for Chinched Bistro I ended up picking only animal related paintings… he has a wonderful selection of nautical themed paintings which I also loved, but I couldn’t have them all, and I guess the animals won over the boats… go figure?  Winston’s paintings are made even more special because of the frames they are housed in.  The frames are made of reclaimed wood by another Fogo Island artist and friend, Robert Blake, who owns Wall Works in Joe Batt’s Arm.

In addition to our Fogo Island artwork, we have been building on our Amanda Rees collection since our opening.  Amanda is Shaun’s cousin and has been painting some abstract “pig” paintings for us.  As some of you may have noticed either on Facebook or on our gallery page, we have a few photos of Amanda’s bathroom signs posted.  And since she knew how much we loved the animal, Amanda has most recently painted a new addition to the collection which we hope to hang tomorrow… guess all our “To Do’s” are not quite finished yet?

As you can imagine all of the artwork we have on our walls along with any additional artwork we put up holds a place very near and dear to us.  We hope to help our family and friends build on their careers as artists and are so honoured to be displaying their work at Chinched.  I’m not sure we will make anyone famous, at least not until we are famous ourselves… but it certainly helps having our walls covered in artwork we can connect with.  I honestly believe it makes our guests understand us, and our philosophy on food and life!

The difficult part for me is going to be once the folks of St. John’s realize that we have such talented artists using our walls as gallery space, the art will sell…. which of course is what we want, but it will be so difficult to part with….  but I guess that’s life?

So look out St. John’s…  not only is Chinched Bistro in town, but we have amazing up and coming artists exhibiting their work…

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