So I guess our blog is where we talk about ourselves… tell you about us… and about Chinched Bistro… been a bit slow getting the blog started, but this is my attempt at staying on top of it…
For now I think it’s best to give everyone a chance to get to know Shaun and Michelle… we’ll get to Chinched soon enough, but once you know a bit about us you’ll have a better understanding of how we ended up Chinched….
Shaun and I have been “dating” for about 10 years; I know “dating” not the right word…. So now as our life has taken this road towards being Restaurateurs, we are using the more grown up term, “partners”, or as Karl Wells put it “spouses”.
We both started our careers at the Culinary Institute of Canada, in Prince Edward Island and graduated in 2002. We have been following each other up and down the eastern seaboard for the last 8 years, from Nantucket, to St. Maarten and finally here to Newfoundland.
Along the way we have gotten to know ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We know what we want in life and in food. Our food philosophy is simple, great ingredients treated with respect combined with hard work and creativity will in the end result in good food! And if that doesn’t work, add a bit of pork, you can’t go wrong with the PIG…
We have had very successful and enjoyable careers, taking on many tasks and overseeing many kitchens along the way, each time managing to stay out of each other’s kitchens… until now that is! Now we share the kitchen, or at least try to.
I do all the baking, desserts and breads and well, Shaun does the rest, which of course is just how I like it. We combine forces on just about everything, from writing the menu to training the staff, which we think is what is going to set Chinched Bistro apart from others. It is our dream, our mind; body and soul live in the building, the food and the entire dining experience.
We love what we do and we hope to share it with everyone!

8 Responses to “Behind the scenes @ Chinched Bistro….”

  1. Linda Latimer, Reply

    Michelle and my daughter Cheryl are childhood frends. Even if they live many miles apart the connection is always there. Cheryl, her two children and I had the pleasure of visiting with Michelle at her home in Arichat last summer…it was just like old times!!!

    I am so proud of you Michelle (and Shaun also…I’ve only met him once). I tell everyone about your restaurant in St. John’s. Anybody that’s going to Newfoundland knows where to find you!!! And by the way, are you far from George Street….(the happending Street I guess!!)

    Good luck to both of you and Danny & I hope to visit your restaurant one day!! (When those wedding bells are going to ring for you folks I want to be there!!)

    Love you….
    Hugs….Linda, Danny and Blanche (Meme)

  2. Kalin Petkov, Reply

    Reading through your blog makes me want to be part of your dream!!
    I know for sure that both of yours harts and mind can create nothing less then perfection at the front of the house and behind the curtain in the kitchen!!!
    Be well!!Be successful!!My love to both of you!!!

  3. Francene, Reply

    Very nice to hear your story. Congrats on the Resturant!

  4. Amanda, Reply

    Can`t wait to get Chinched! Those pictures look month watering!!!!

  5. Lloyd Hussey, Reply

    Very interesting food to say the least. I have been eating blue mussels since I could pick them from the rocks around the shores of Bell Island. THEN! I had the mussles at Chinched Bistro. I would love to go to the “back of the Island” (Well known Bell Island Slang) with my childhood friends and have a feast of those mussels prepared By Chef Shaun Hussey. I can feel the chills run up and down my spine right now, as I write. OH! and for sure these mussels would have to be served with the Chef’s COD FRITTERS. Great job Shaun, Michelle and your wonderful Staff.

  6. James LeBlanc, Reply

    Shaun and Michelle, Julia and I are so proud of you both. After experiencing your delicious meals on many occasions (i.e. Back home in Cape Breton, on the beach roasting a pig or in beautiful Nantucket) we know without a doubt that Chinched Bistro will be the place to eat in St. John’s. We can’t wait to get Chinched.

  7. Alvin & Edith, Reply

    Great job you two. We new you were born to this as soon as we ate the first meal, that you cooked & served us. You both always looked so happy in the kitchen. We enjoyed every meal that you cooked for us wish was lot & lots. Thank you both & we wish you all the best. We will see you soon for another great meal at Chinched Bistro.

  8. Annette Fougere, Reply

    Hey Michele,

    We are coming to the Rock this week for Jonathan LeBlanc’s wedding which happens this weekend. Vander and Elaine are coming as are other family – we will be invading your Bistro!! Rene will be joining us as well.

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