Chinched Bistro makes all of its unique Charcuterie items in house by hand from scratch.

The Charcuterie we offer on a daily basis varies greatly and depends on what Chef Shaun Hussey and Sous-Chef Jenn May are cooking up at the time.

Below is a list of some of the Charcuterie items Chinched has featured in the past

• Heart / Tongue / Ox Tail and Red Wine Terrine
• Heart Ham
• Tongue Pastrami
• Corned Beef Tongue
• House Made Peperone
• Dried Cured Hanger Steak

• Lardo
• Smoked Pork Belly
• Tete de Porc
• Head Cheese
• Pickled Ear Terrine
• Andouille
• Saucisson Sec
• Jagerwhurst
• Chorizo
• Coppa
• Mortadella
• Ham Hock Terrine
• Country Ham
• Country Pate


• Confit
• Riellet
• Smoked breast
• House Cured Fois Gras

• Pancetta
• Prosciutto
• Merguez
• Ham

Wild Game
• Moose Country Pate
• Moose and Venison Heart Sausage
• Rabbit Country Pate

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