The Outfitters is a small locally owned company that has been specializing in outdoor adventures for the past 14 years.  They lead the local industry in supplying speciality clothing and equipment for all self-propelled outdoor adventures. On top of their recently renovated storefront on 220 Water Street, they also offer a range of Kayak tours in Bay Bulls.

Outfitters accommodates more than 1100 tourists and locals each summer on a variety of coastal tours, providing an excellent view of the coastline and wildlife native to the area.  Depending on the season (and your luck) there are icebergs, whales and a huge variety of sea birds and other wildlife to be seen.

Chinched and Outfitters have recently partnered up to offer an authentic full day experience of Newfoundland adventure, culture and food. Together we’re offering a package experience. First start your day off with a scenic guided kayak tour of the Bay Bulls coast line, then come back to downtown St. John’s to finish off the day with a meal at Chinched Bistro.  Transportation for the round trip is available, making the the day a stress free and unforgettable experience.

If you’re interested contact The Outfitters at (709) 579 4453 or check out their Website or Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you!




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