Chinched Gets Burger-y With It

Do you like burgers?  We do.

During the month of February, Chinched will be participating in the The Overcast’s Temporary Burger Showdown.

Now, the perfect burger is, of course, a pretty subjective thing.  Other than a few general guidelines, what one might call “burger principles” – a moist patty, a good meat-to-bun ratio etc. – it’s very much open to interpretation.  With all of the directions we could have gone, we felt we couldn’t go wrong with any of the following adjectives – sweet, sour, meaty, smoky, fatty, fermenty (not a word, I know), and sticky.

Thus, our burger offering for the Burger Showdown will be a ginger & garlic loose pork sausage slider with crispy Korean BBQ pork belly, house-made kimchi, and hoisin mayo on a sesame bun. We’ll be serving our burger with sticky rice ‘tater tots’ and sweet & sour dipping sauce.

You can try our burger at our bar for $11 (limited quantities).

We’re really excited to join some terrific restaurants in the burger showdown. We think it’s going to be a lot of fun. For more details on the Temporary Burger Showdown check out,

Hope to see you soon!

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