Chinched now open Mondays!

Starting next week, Chinched will be open on Mondays, and we will be moving our opening time from 6:00pm to 5:30pm.  If my calculations are correct, and they’re usually not, that’s about a 21% increase in Chinched time.  Is it though?  Hmm.. carry the four..  Anyways, we hope our extended hours will give you some extra time to pop in for a bite.

The Overcast Poutine Challenge just wrapped up, and it was a lot of fun.  Congratulations to not only the winner, but all who contributed – we had a chance to get out and try a few of the poutines and they were delicious.  The challenge also allowed Adam from 5 Brothers Cheese to take his mind off a certain Toronto hockey team, the benefits of which can surely not be understated.

We’ll be open at 6 this evening, but starting next week you can pop in at 5:30 (and on Mondays).

Hope to see you soon.

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