Chinched Turns Five

Chinched turns five today.

Turning five usually means loots bags, hot dogs and potato chips on a paper plate, and a forthcoming foray into the depths of kindergarten.   If you’re a restaurant, turning five means you’ve reached a pretty cool milestone. Shaun and Michelle, and all of the folks at Chinched, are really appreciative of the continued support.  Many thanks.

We’re running a crab cake special tonight – crab cakes with carrot puree, buttered peas, and quick-pickled shallots.  We  won’t be serving hot dogs and potato chips on paper plates, but I’ll keep working on it.

Thanks again.

2 Responses to “Chinched Turns Five”

  1. Diane Davis, Reply

    I bet you would make the best hot dogs! Congratulations. Consistency in quality, service and innovation in menu items keeps you fresh. Have a great night. Diane

  2. Faye, Reply

    Delighted to be at Chinched tonight with my buddy, Wendy, to celebrate your 5th. Most awesome meal from the most awesome restaurant in Newfoundland. Tagliatelle with chanterelles, and yum, yum, yummiest baked Alaska! As always, service second to none and a warm and relaxed vibe. Looking forward to the next 5 years and then some!

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