Chef and owner Michelle LeBlanc has finally scooped up a restaurant style ice cream machine and house made ice cream is hitting the menu at Chinched!

Chef LeBlanc previously opened and ran growlers Ice Cream Shop on Fogo Island in 2010. There she took advantage of her culinary background and created unique and local flavors, along with the classic favorites. Flavors of juniper, rasin bread and partridge berry tart were as common as classics like strawberry or chocolate. They all had one thing in common however, they were all delicious.

Juniper and Coconut Ice Cream with Profiteroles and Chocolate Sauce

Michelle is now bringing that creativity to Chinched Bistro and so far it’s been a smash hit.  The first batch of Ice Cream’s created include Juniper and Coconut (above), Sunchoke and Lemon Zest, Beet Sorbet (below) and Mint Sherbert.

Beet Sorbet and Candied Orange Zest

So next time you’re downtown stop in and try some of the most unique and delicious ice cream in St. John’s!

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