Tuesday night marked the 2nd annual From this Rock dinner of local fair presented by the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. Chef Hussey from Chinched teamed up with 7 other top local chefs for an 8 course meal made from 100% local fare.  The evening was hosted by the always entertaining Shaun Majumder and the whole event went off without a hitch.

Above: From left to right: Chef Shaun Hussy, Chef Robert Piercy, Chef Brian Piercy, Chef Rory MacPherson and Chef Mike Barsky

Each Chef was responsible for a single dish but the evening was a team event with everyone pitching in. Todd Perrin had been slated to prepare the Cod course, however after he was delayed getting back to St. John’s by Hurricane Sandy Chef Roger Andrews stepped up.  With only 10 hours notice Chef Andrews was able to prepare and serve his cod dish to 250 people.

Above: Brothers Chef Robert and Brian Piercy.

The evening also featured a variety of awards with 3 new inductees into the St. John’s Restaurant Hall of Fame; Ches’s Fish and Chips, E.W. Harvey, and the late Gordon “Marty” Martin of Marty’s Restaurants. Karl Wells was also recognized for his contributions to the Newfoundland restaurant scene being dubbed the Champion of all things Culinary in Newfoundland and Labrador. Chef Rory MacPherson of the Sheraton was also presented with an award of appreciation from RANL for his contributions to furthering the culinary arts in the province.  Finally, Raymond’s Restaurant awarded for ‘Best Integration and Promotion of Newfoundland and Labrador Agriculture’ from the Department of Natural Resources, Forestry and Agrifoods Agency.

Above: Chef Jillian Lake putting the final touches on the desert course.

The evening was spectacular and thanks go to the staff of the Sheraton Hotel for hosting such a smooth event.  Recognition also needs to be given to Andrea Maunder and Nancy Brace, President and Executive Director of RANL for their planning and execution of such a great dinner. All in all everyone in attendance had a great time and we can’t wait until next year

Above: Owners of Chinched Bistro Michelle LeBlanc and Chef Shaun Hussey with Shaun Majumder.

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