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Cloud NineThe unofficial start of summer!
With May 24th weekend almost over I can’t help but feel like summer is finally in our reach which is such a refreshing feeling. So far the spring has been quite beautiful, it is so wonderful to see the daffodils blooming and trees budding.
We have slowly been shaking off the winter blues and doing some minor work in the restaurant to prepare for the summer. Some of our changes will be more visible than others, we’ve had a few new members join the team at Chinched Bistro and they all seem to be settling in wonderfully. There have also been a few additional pigs added to our extensive collection.
We are very excited about the much anticipated summer season! Our menu will soon begin to change to reflect what local produce is available. We are looking forward to the first mushrooms of the summer, as well as all the fresh fish and seafood we plan to offer our guests.
In the meantime, we have restructured our bar menu offering our “small plate” dining lounge menu at a reasonable price which gives guests a chance to sample a variety of what the kitchen team at Chinched Bistro has to offer. Our new structure allows you 2 choices for $12, 3 for $17 and 4 for $22. We have also shaken up some tasty specialty cocktails each made with handmade wild berry preserves.
What better way to spend a warm spring evening than in the dining lounge sipping on a “Cloud Nine” and dining on a fabulous offering of “small plates”.

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