May has arrived, and with it the fog & cold? One thing you have to love about Newfoundland is our weather. Another is our food! Some may think that the availability of product in St. John’s Newfoundland is limited, and at times this is true. However with spring upon us, and hopefully summer on its way, we hope to have no lack of local and wild products to choose from when creating our menu.
We have slowly started to change our menu for the spring and are anxiously awaiting the first few harvests from “Seed to Spoon”. It looks like nettles will be back on the menu before we know it. We will be serving Newfoundland Wild Nettle Bisque with Veal Sweetbread Fritters and Citrus Scaled Cream.
We also hope to have some Sun Chokes available for specials over the next month or so and I’m sure the folks at “Seed to Soon” will have a few other wonderful treats for us. I guess that means in spite of the cold in May, Spring is here!

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