Six months ago, Chinched Bistro took on our second culinary intern in as many years.  The first, Elizabeth Lee interned with us as part of her program with the Culinary Institute of Canada in PEI.  Our most recent intern Emily Hancock comes to us from the culinary program with the Collage of the North Atlantic.

The culinary arts program with CONA consists of three separate blocks of in class training followed by a specific hour requirement in order to achieve a “Red Seal” certification.  As each hour requirement is accomplished Emily will return to school to complete the in school portion of her training.  She is currently working with us to reach her requirements for her 3rd and final apprenticeship of the culinary program before completing her Red Seal certification.

An interesting thing to know about Em is that her position with Chinched is her first job.  This is impressive for a variety of reasons, most notably for the number of hours she works.  For anyone not familiar with the life of a Chef in the service industry you’re typically in the kitchen beginning around 10 or 11 in the morning and you’re there until 11 or so that night.  During the winter we’re only open 5 days a week; however throughout the summer we were open for 6 nights with Emily here for every one of them.  One of the most memorable quotes from Emily over the summer was, “Sometimes I can’t even believe it’s the same day,” after working 6 straight 12 hour days. But she takes it like a champ and day in day out she does excellent work.

In her time at Chinched Emily has grown tremendously as a cook and is taking advantage of the opportunity to be creative.  She is currently in charge of the baking program as well as all of our house made ice cream and sorbet (currently we’re serving Rum Raisin Ice Cream and Crab Apple Sorbet). She also serves all of our Charcuterie, Deserts and many of our Appetizers.

Em will remain with us until she has completed her hours requirement and then she’ll return to school to work towards becoming a 3rd year apprentice. Given the hours requirement is rather hefty we expect her to be with us until next Fall; we couldn’t be happier to have a person and a cook of her quality in our kitchen!

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  1. Michele roberts, Reply

    Such an impressive but not surprising article about Emily Hancock. Emily used to cook for my husband and I for fun. She would “set up restaurant” and make her parents and ourselves a wicked meal. I knew she would do well! So proud of her!

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