Reaching out…

For the last 10 years Shaun and I have moved up and down the eastern seaboard island hopping, if you will. Having been in St. John’s almost a year now, we are settling in and feeling very much at home.
Being part of the small business community allows us the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and to be part of some fantastic community events.
We have recently had the opportunity to participate in “Blind Date with a Star”, which is the primary fundraiser for the Learning Disability Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (LDANL). Chinched Bistro had the pleasure of hosting Ennis and their guests for the evening.
When we were first approached for the LDANL we were thrilled at the idea of helping out with such a great event. It was a pleasure to participate in raising awareness for a less recognized organization and to contribute to such a worthy cause.
Having been approached by many organizations over the last few months we have decided to do our best to continue to help these charitable organizations as much as possible. As some people may know we have somewhat of a Pig theme at Chinched Bistro and some of our most recent additions to the “Pig Family” has been “Piggy Banks”, which we have placed in each of our washrooms. We have reached out to the LDANL as well as to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation in hopes to help them raise both funds and awareness for their respective organizations.

To help fill the “Piggy Banks” and spread the word, the staff at Chinched will donate $5 each Thursday as part of our “T-Shirt Thursdays’”. Each staff member working on Thursdays has the opportunity to wear their Chinched Bistro T-Shirt and in return they will donate $5 to the organization of their choice!
So next time you are in for dinner and find yourself with a little spare change, please help us in raising awareness for these two wonderful charitable organizations!

To order a shirt give us a call at 709-722-3100 or email us at, or mention it to your server when you join us for dinner.

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