The Restaurant Association of Newfoundland has teamed up with Parks Canada to offer another unique experience at one of Newfoundland’s most famous historical sites; A Regimental Rum Tasting on Signal Hill.

The event is being hosted by Bacalao Cuisine and features Newfoundland Rums by Rock Spirits as well as Collingwood Wines and Spirits. The local spirits are paired with local cuisine to give you the best and most authentic Newfoundland experience possible.

The evening starts at the Signal Hill Visitors Centre at 6pm every Thursday until the end of August. Corporal McGrath of the Hill’s fortress will gather everyone and lead the march to the Queen’s Battery Barracks.

On hand at the barracks is Andrea Maunder of Bacalao to provide refreshments and to begin the experience with some of local food. The Rums will be paired with 3 different savory dishes as well as two sweet dishes to provide a varied and unique rum experience.

For more information or to reserve your spot at the next tasting check out or call 709 765 8483!

Hope to see you there!

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