I’m sure at some point I will be on some sort of a schedule with my blogging, but for now, I’m not… To be honest, I’m not that great at keeping a schedule at all, generally I’m late for mostly everything… but since I’m the boss, I can blog on my own time!
It’s a big weekend for us at Chinched Bistro; we have so much to celebrate, the list is almost endless… Tomorrow Chinched Bistro will be celebrating its one month anniversary, a big accomplishment for us and our staff! We have had a great first month and are looking forward to many more anniversaries in this building…
Our other big reason to celebrate is that it’s Chef Shaun’s 32nd birthday tomorrow! In honour of Shaun’s birthday I have made a dessert special that we will be serving for the next few days, “Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Maple Bacon Butter cream”. I wasn’t sure what to get him for his birthday, but I knew I had to at least make a cake, so I thought, why not share it with everyone? It would be a shame if our customers didn’t get to taste the Chef’s birthday cake…
So in true Chinched Bistro style, we have now incorporated bacon on our dessert menu, and yes it’s true, everything (including dessert) does taste better with bacon!
What will we think of next…? You will need to stay tuned for more details on what’s cooking at Chinched Bistro….

2 Responses to “Something to Celebrate!”

  1. Maggie Langer, Reply

    Happy Birthday to Shaun!! Thanks for last night it was lovely!
    Best cupcake ever, seriously… I hope can get another one 🙂 Thanks for the extra pickled bakeapples on my pork belly too! Go Chinched Go!!

  2. Vanessa, Reply

    Congrats are your first month. Time sure does fly. Happy Birthday Shaun…Hope its a great one!!

    P.S I also would like some dark chocolate cupcakes 😛

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