Just as Christmas got under way in 2012 we did some renovations in our Bar. Most notably we changed our old bar top for a much more modern (and less precarious) bar top.  Around the same time we decided to spice up some of the artwork we were displaying.

We were introduced to Photographer Sasha Okshevsky during the 2012 Gold Metal Plates competition.  He attended as part of the Aqua/Club culinary team.  He’s a multi talented man who takes surreal photos when he’s not working as a Chef in Mark McCrowes new Gastropub “The Club.”

The prints of Sasha’s we are currently displaying all have a Star Wars Theme, but that’s not all he has to offer.  His photo’s feature iconic shots of St. John’s and surrounding area with different aspects of pop culture super imposed on top.  Overall his work is very high quality and a ton of fun. A couple examples of his work we have in the bar right now are below:





If you’re interested in seeing any more of his work you can check it out at http://sashaok.tumblr.com/

All of his shots are for sale off our walls, so drop into the bar for some Tapas and a drink and check them out!


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