Taco Time!

It’s February, and rising out of the mixed precipitation comes another Overcast challenge: Tacos.  For the next month, fifteen participating eateries will be lending a chapter to #TownieTacos: the “let’s get through February together” story.

The Chinched offering?  Well, there’s some familiar components there: classic pork carnitas and a bit of queso fresco from Five Brothers in a house-made crispy corn tortilla.


Interesting fact: Glen Bell, founder of Taco Bell, claims to have invented the hard-shell taco.  However, the Smithsonian claims to have evidence of hard-shell tacos more than a decade before Mr. Bell claims to have invented it.  Use that information as you will.


The taco is Chinchified with some carrot pico de gallo and crispy fried pig ears tossed in a chipotle sauce.

And, we even have a cocktail to pair with it – a cilantro and jalapeno margarita.

AND, if the taco is really popular, Barry our Sous Chef gets to go to space camp.

February is looking up!

We’ll be offering our taco in our downstairs bar as well as our upstairs dining room.  $15 gets you two tacos and a side of crispy pig ears.

Thanks to The Overcast for allowing us to participate in #TownieTacos.  Hope to see you sometime the month!

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