For those of you who follow our blogs faithfully you may have noticed we have been doing a much better job of blogging weekly. You may also have noticed most of the blogs are written by Tim Corbett, not by Michelle LeBlanc. That is because Tim has recently been given the title and duties of Manager at Chinched Bistro. He has taken on many tasks since the beginning of the summer, one of which was to increase our web presence by maintaining our web site, facebook page and other social media outlets.

Tim has also been tasked with redesigning our wine list, adding some new wines to the list and developing our “Cellar Selection”. Our wine list is carefully put together to reflect wines we enjoy and feel will complement our seasonal menu changes. It remains a unique wine list with something for everyone.

Tim has been doing some administrative duties as well, which has given me more time to spend in the kitchen creating new and exciting flavours of ice cream and working on ideas for the fall dessert menu.
It has been a wonderful progression to have Tim step into this roll.

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